Friday, October 31, 2008

Enlighten Your Holiday!

This holiday season, enlighten your mouth with SEN CHA’s
Green Tea Mints & Green Tea Bars. Imbibed with organic, Fair Trade certified green tea, our products provide a refreshing addition to the traditional breath mint and nutrition bar category. Blends include Original, Delicate Pear, Lively Lemongrass and
its newest member…Morning Lychee.

available in: ~ ORIGINAL ~ DELICATE PEAR™

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or enter coupon code HOLIDAY15 at checkout.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Make it a Green Halloween!

Fair Trade Month is coming to a close, and what better way to say farewell than by making the upcoming holiday a Green Halloween! But don't fret; being an eco-conscious shopper doesn't mean you have to deprive yourself of all that luscious candy & can simply make smarter choices that will actually benefit the sugar/cocoa producers. Just stop by your local Trader Joe's or Whole Foods market to browse their selection of fair trade, organic, or locally-produced sweets & treats!

Nationwide, natural markets are featuring 'alternative' Halloween treats that are better for your health (i.e., no artificial ingredients, preservatives, colorings, refined sugars), and beneficial for the producers as well. Good for you, good for the planet!
This October, Whole Foods Markets around the country spotlighted their Fair Trade certified products in an effort to promote awareness about social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and economic fairness. The stores set up demos of various fair trade products, including our SEN CHA Green Tea Mints & Bars. To access a great resource for Halloween & beyond, please visit the Green Halloween website.

If you come across a good-for-you/good-for-the-planet treat this holiday that you think is simply amazing, let us know! In return, we will provide you with another treat that we know you'll just love! Feel free to post a comment or send an e-mail to

Enjoy the holiday weekend, and remember to set your clocks back on Sunday for Daylight Savings!

Friday, October 24, 2008

SEN CHA Morning Lychee green tea mints

“I want a pink mint!” Diana picked up the tin of SenCha Lychee mints, “Can I have one? I LOVE pink.” At my nod, she took one of the small, leaf-shaped mints from the round tin.

“No kidding?” Phillip reached for the tin and rolled his eyes at Diana, who was dressed in pink sneakers, pink hooded sweatshirt, and carrying a pink clutch purse.

“Hey, it actually tastes like the label says!” Roberto popped one into his mouth. “Unique.”

“Mom gets me the green ones all the time. They taste just like green tea!” Michael shook the tin.
“How would you know? All you ever drink are Rock Stars,” Phillip is wearing his Obama T-shirt and ready to debate with any and all comers about anything and everything. He reached for another mint, “Interesting. These are Obama’s mints!”

“You crazy? How can these be Obama mints?” Michael is skeptical of the democratic party, and ready to write off mints with leftist leanings as well.

“They are cool, mellow, charming, and they don’t burn the inside of your cheeks -”
“Are you runnin’ for office? What’s a mint got to do . . . ”

“Sarah Palin would say these are ‘maverick mints!’ ” Phillip and Roberto bump fists - a teen greeting that apparently combines the high five and the handshake. Michael laughed and joined them in an evaluation of a recent “Saturday Night Live” broadcast.

“They kinda taste like lychee, but they kinda taste like something else. We should sell them in the Student Store! Can I have another one?” Diana asked just as the bell rang.
Over the next few days, the “pink leaf mints” were sampled and voted upon. At last count, there were 17 for and 1 against. The dissenting vote was from a student who ” . . . ate so many Sour Patch kids last night that I wore a blister on the inside of my cheek!”

SEN CHA Green Tea Mints: Morning Lychee is the newest flavor in the SenCha family of green tea mints. It has a delightful aroma and flavor, as well as potassium and Vitamin C. 100% natural, vegan, wheat and gluten-free, and infused with Organic green tea extract . . . this is a mint you can feel good about indulging in. Your breath will be freshened without that antiseptic mouthwash taste. Ask for them at your natural foods store or tea shop. You’ll never go back to Altoids!

Monday, October 20, 2008

But what does it all mean??

Sencha, matcha, may have heard these words being thrown around at tea shops and juice bars, but what do they mean? Sencha green tea is the most common everyday drink in Japan, but there are dozens of ways to prepare it. Here is a list of the most popular methods/terms:

~Cha or Ocha = Tea
~Sencha = Green Tea Leaves
~Matcha = Powdered Green Tea; used in Japanese tea ceremonies
~Genmai-cha = Green Tea boiled with roasted brown rice
~Oolong = Semi-fermented Green Tea
~Hojicha = Green Tea roasted over charcoal
~Ryoku-cha = Green Tea

For the full list, please visit the O-Cha Website

As a side note, bai-cha refers to white tea, while kocha refers to Black/British tea. Nevertheless, all white, green, and black teas come from the same plant, a warm-weather evergreen called Camellia sinensis. Their distinctive color & taste depends upon how fresh tea leaves are processed & how much oxygen they come in contact with. As a quick summary:

~Black: Leaves are exposed to oxygen for 2-4 hours.
~Green: Leaves are immediately steamed, rolled, and dried to prevent oxidation/fermentation.
~Oolong: Falls between green and black teas in terms of amount of oxidation.
~White: The least processed of all teas, it is made from young buds of the plant. Possibly the highest in antioxidants, it is often the most expensive & least studied of the four teas.

Our SEN CHA Green Tea Mints & Bars contain Organic powdered Matcha and liquid Sencha extracts, sourced from Fair Trade Certified tea plantations. Our green tea goes through a natural water extraction process that decaffeinates the end product, making our mints & bars the ideal snack for anyone looking to get a healthy metabolism boost, without the jittery side-effects of caffeine!

“Make tea, not war.” ~Monty Python

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Whole Trade Weekend

Continuing with the spirit of Fair Trade month, this weekend Whole Foods markets will be hosting events that feature sustainable, ethically-produced goods throughout their Southern California stores. Demo tables will be offering various samples of Fair Trade certified goods, including chocolate, coffee, and our SEN CHA Green Tea Mints and Green Tea Bars.Whole Foods Market, a national chain retailer of natural and specialty foods, created the Whole Trade program and non-profit Whole Planet organization a few years ago. These programs provide economic assistance and promote environmental sustainability in the trade practices of Whole Foods producers in developing countries.

Many of us don't put much thought into the origins and production processes of the foods we eat on a daily basis, so Whole Foods has taken the initiative to encourage public awareness about this topic.

We are fortunate to have nearby supermarkets that provide us with all the foods we enjoy, but a great portion of the rest of the world does not share this same luxury. Thus we have a social responsibility to educate ourselves about the source of our food, and to support community development for the small farmers that provide us with our sustenance.

To learn more about Whole Trade and to watch a short video about the program, click here: Whole Trade/Whole Planet

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wake Up! To Morning Lychee

We're excited to release our brand new flavor of Green Tea Mints: Morning Lychee!
Also known as the "litchi nut," lychee is a luscious tropical berry that has been enjoyed in Asia for thousands of years. Sweet and fragrant, lychee can be enjoyed by peeling its thin red shell to reveal juicy, translucent flesh inside. Whether you pronounce it "lee-chee" or "lye-chee," it's hard to say without smiling!

Lychee contains heart-healthy potassium and immunity-boosting Vitamin C, giving bonus points to this exotic fruit. Fresh lychee is available throughout the summer months at Trader Joe's, Asian markets, and specialty grocers nationwide. For the rest of the year, you can get your lychee fix with our SEN CHA Green Tea Mints!
If you'd like more information, feel free to send an e-mail to